Any individual with a shred of experience in the business world would know that one of the keys to becoming a juggernaut in the market is having a motivated workforce. If a company aims to ride high on the mounts of success holding the thumb of a competitive edge, it would look for people who are driven and empowered to take it a step forward. However, it is not an easy task to master the art of leading and motivating people. It requires a certain level of understanding about why people behave in a particular way, what are the needs hidden behind their wants and actions, what are the factors that would affect their behavior. Finding the answers may especially become a tough job if the lack of understanding owes to the big generation gap between the boss and the employees. This situation is not exactly unfamiliar if you take a look around.

According to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, over one-in-three American workers are Millennials who are expected to become the largest share of the American workforce. Therefore, for the company to run with effective communication, one cannot stress enough on the importance of bosses understanding the mindset of the Millennials. Do not worry! Let us break them down to you in three definite points!

1 Millennials like to feel included

Millennials are known to work better when they feel like an important part of something. They are motivated when they know that is where they belong and whatever the company achieves is also their own achievement because it is not just a company but a family which works and achieves together!

Managers must try to develop interpersonal relationships with the staff by spending time with them or perhaps having lunch together. The more managers spend time with their employees, the more they can find out about their preferences and pick on how they think. Company picnics or day outs can also help building the bonding between the managers and the staff.

2 Millennials want Accountability and Responsibility

Nothing gives more satisfaction than owning your work. This works a lot for the millennials. They want to be empowered. This makes them feel trusted and that creates a sense of responsibility towards living up to that trust. Besides, it also makes them feel that their contribution is important for the company’s success.

Managers should adopt a democratic leadership and carry out all the activities in a participative manner. The employees should get the chance to voice their opinions at all circumstances and managers should make them feel that their opinion is respected. This would help the millennials to connect themselves with the company’s well being.

3 Millennials should not be generalized

Millennials, as a generation, might be a bit different than others but that does not mean that they should be generalized because that might lead to skewed opinions about them. Every individual is different; what might drive one person may not have much of an effect on another. Therefore, it is okay to have a basic idea about what the youth wants but it is always better to not bring them all in one basket. To understand the different individuals, bonding with them is again highly emphasized. The more you get to know them, the more you can see through their personality.

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