I love writing on this sort of topic because it gives me more clear focus and clarity for what I’m doing, which is basically to educate and inform others of the process of going through The steps needed to get to the other side of the cash flow quadrant. Robert Kiyosaki explains this very well in the entitled book that I highly recommend reading and thinking about thoroughly. It brings some real gems of truth and knowledge of the rich into a world of conventional ways of trying to get ahead, but never getting there.

I would especially like to write this to young people looking for the right thing for them to gain the advantage over their parents or grandparents because so much of this world’s mentality is basically about going to school, working, and retiring at about age 65.

I don’t believe this old school philosophy has worked to create any sort of long lasting happiness, excitement and anticipation for a solid future, or a stable financial future at all.

For someone coming out of school, the goal should be in this information age we live in, to start a business. Starting a business out of college or out of high school does not matter one bit. Since these skills are not taught in college, unless it is a specialized business school.

As one of my first mentors in business says, its great to go to college to basically get a job, but to be free its ideal to start on your own self taught education process.

So how does one go about starting a business out of school, so they can build residual incomes and enjoy the many benefits of being a business owner and not having to answer to a boss at all?

There is one specific path that Reboert Kiyosaki brings out that is very interesting to note. It is one that was also joined by Donald Trump and other famous people who like to get involved in the industry.

It is not stocks, and not even real estate, although real esate is a fine way to conserve and make money as well.

In building a home business, you want to be building a business plan, not a product. This means your focus will be on the strategy of growing and generating leads in the industry, and also mastering these things.

To build a business, it is not just about building a business web site. It is so much more than that.

Building a successful business is about owning, implementing, and executing a business system, and having that system run itself as soon as possible with other people running your system as well.

Success leaders are on the rise with the new rich and the secrets for more time and more money have become evident.

The ones who take apply the knowledge of what it takes to build a business and learn online business building strategies are always ahead of the rest when it comes to trying to get ahead by being employed or even self-employed without any of the principles needed for build that business.

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